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Profitability Study

Conducting a comprehensive in-depth assessment of your organization can dramatically improve your company's profitability in two ways. First, the study can identify opportunities for generating additional revenues and profits. Second, the study can isolate areas of waste and inefficiencies as well as unproductive processes, procedures, and departments that are draining valuable resources. The Profitability Study is a two pronged approach for increasing revenues while decreasing costs. The net result is increased profitability for your company.

What types of companies can benefit from a Profitability Study?

Management Consulting A Company that is currently in good financial health today can utilize this process to confirm its current strategies and look into the future to forecast any potential difficulties. This company understands that staying abreast of changing economic and market conditions is the hallmark of a world class organization.
Small Business Consulting A Company that is currently "alright" today, but knows that improvement is necessary. This company believes that making some minor, key changes would improve both its profitability and its competitive edge. This company also realizes now is the time to identify potential problem areas before they become major issues that will be considerably more difficult and costly to remedy in the future.
Small Business Management Consulting A Company that has been experiencing recent difficulty and needs to make some significant changes today. The company's symptoms may include decreased profitability, increased competition, employee turnover, loss of market share, or level sales. This company recognizes the need to identify the inefficiencies and immediately implement new processes, strategies, and methodologies before the company becomes permanently unprofitable.
Jaguar Consulting's proprietary Profitability Study process consists of a comprehensive package of key strategy questions, extensive checklists, and data collection methodologies. In-depth interviews are conducted with selected members of the management team as well as with key employees. Customers and suppliers are also included in the interview process or a SWOT analysis could be conducted with them via mail. Prior to the interview process, critical information about the company is gathered and evaluated.

The Profitability Study process culminates with a report that is presented to the management team in a unique format entitled the Simplified Model for a Business PlanTM. This plan will be utilized to facilitate a discussion with the management team regarding growth opportunities, profitability strategies, cost saving techniques, establishing both long term and short term objectives, and for identifying potential resources, if needed.

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I. Overview of the Process:
Review the Profitability Study methodology with the CEO and/or the Senior Management Team along with discussing the checklists, questionnaires, and required company information.
  • Establish the objectives and the desired results.
  • Establish the Scope of the Project (Company wide, selected departments or divisions).
  • Establish price and payment schedule.
  • Select participants for the SWOT Analysis (this is an optional process).
  • Select a set of "KEY" questions (from a pre-defined list as described below) that define the metrics of the company.
  • Select participants for the Key Strategy Questions.
  • Select participants for the interviews.
  • Set proper expectations for time line, results, and presentation format.
  • Confidentiality Agreement.
    1. To protect your business and trade secrets.
    2. To protect my methodology and processes.
  • Establish a start date.
  • Gather company information as described in Section II.
  • Review and analyze company information.
  • Update "Checklists" to accommodate specific Company information or special requests.
  • Mail SWOT Analysis Forms to selected participants.

II. Company Information Required:
Important company financial, marketing, and operational information will be required to ensure the Study's success. A comprehensive list of information required will be presented at the initial meeting and after the Confidentiality Agreement has been signed.

III. Key Strategy Question List:
From a pre-existing list, select a set of Key Strategy Questions that define the metrics of your company. These Key Questions will help identify strategies, techniques, and processes for increasing business, expanding the customer base, improving productivity and profitability, reducing costs, and evaluating competitive advantages. The answers to these questions will serve as the basis for developing new strategies for growth and profitability. Some questions can be completed with one sentence while others will require a short explanation or essay. Some or all of the questions may be used in the evaluation depending upon the scope of the assessment. Identify the key managers and individual contributors that will not be reticent to give their opinions and who will think "outside of the box". Completing this questionnaire will require several hours of each employees time, but will reap significant benefits in the form of new insights and ideas.

IV. Conducting the Assessment:
  • Review and analyze all company plans and documentation.
  • Company tour.
  • Product demo(s).
  • Meet key team members.
  • Conduct one-on-one confidential (or team) interviews using the checklists and interview forms to supplement the information gathered from the Questionnaires.
  • Customer(s) on-site visit (This is an optional process).

V. Compile Data and Prepare the Report:

VI. Submit Results:
  • Present "bulletized" summary of results in the Simplified Model for a Business PlanTM format.
  • Discussion with the management team regarding results, problems, and opportunities.
  • Prioritize recommendations with the management team.
  • Identify potential resources, if needed.
  • Establish both short term and long term objectives.
  • Establish a follow-up meeting in about three months to review progress regarding the short term and long term objectives.


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Jaguar Consulting will provide the "piece of the puzzle" to help move your company to the next level of growth and profitability!

"Jaguar Consulting conducted two different assessments of my company over the past several years. Each assessment identified a number of strategic initiatives resulting in improved operations. EMS has utilized Jaguar Consulting's services on numerous occasions ranging from sales and marketing to financing to operational efficiency; all with excellent results."

Jeff LaPointe
Electric Motor Servicenter
Dover, NH

"Jaguar Consulting conducted a Profitability Assessment of my company over the course of several days and quickly identified several opportunities for growth and improvement. Several strategies for improving the efficiency of our internal operations and communication process were implemented, finances were re-structured, and several sales and marketing initiatives are now under way."
Herb Martin
Custom Slide Service, Inc.
Nashua, NH

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